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their menstrual health, fertility, and mindset

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Your period might feel like a buzzkill that shows up once a month to ruin your social life, waistline, and sense of style in one fell swoop…


But, as a woman, it’s the bedrock of your health and fertility. 
Understand your period and you understand your body.
Cause as women, we’re cyclical.

For every phase of your menstrual cycle (there’s 4, by the way), your body produces different hormones and has different needs.

Which means there’s scope for all kinds of MAYHEM if you don’t support your body properly throughout your cycle.

The good news?

You can improve your health and fertility by aligning your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle to your naturally fluctuating hormones across your phases!

We’re here to show you how to do that in a way that’s fun, sustainable, and just MAKES SENSE.

So you can enjoy life with:


 Drama-free menstrual health
 Improved fertility
 More energy
 Better body confidence
 A stronger mindset
 PMS-free & painless periods

If you’re a woman who’s tired of asking yourself
“what the heck is going on with my body?”


Or you just want to learn more, you’re in the right place.


Meet your hormone hype girls. 

Hiii! We’re Alaina, Carly, and Julie Beyar

Three sisters on a mission to help women transform their menstrual health, fertility and mindset in a holistic and sustainable way that just MAKES SENSE.

You’ll find us sharing fun and educational content from our own journeys with menstruation, motherhood, low-toxic lifestyles, and cyclical living. And our husbands sometimes come along for the ride, too.

So, how did we get here?

We went from competing in youth soccer teams and pushing our bodies into optimum performance mode…

…to confused about our maturing female bodies, struggling with a range of health issues, and unsure where to turn.

For years, hormonal birth control masked our hormonal woes. Then when we removed it, it left us each with wild PMS symptoms, hormone imbalances, and conditions like PCOS… and the only solution our doctors could suggest was to go BACK on the medication. The very thing that wasn’t treating the root cause in the first place. Grr.

The conventional medical system let us down and we had to take things into our own hands.

We did everything we could think of (and we mean everything) to improve our own health and fertility. And eventually we saw incredible results.

And then we shared our findings with our friends and community. People started sharing wins with us saying specific tips were changing their lives!

We knew we were onto something good and became OBSESSED with hormone health and living a low-toxic lifestyle. And we’ve since helped over 1,500+ women to adopt this lifestyle and transform their health.

Now we want to shout it from the mountains so we can help more women who are in the same position we were.

But we’re all about making it fun and, most importantly, realistic.

Yes, we practice what we preach.

No, we’re not perfect.

But we still feel damnnnnnn good. And that’s what we want for you, too!

If you’re ready to learn more,  join over 1,500+ women inside Power of Periodization, where we teach you everything you need to know about living an 80/20 cyclical lifestyle to improve your overall health and fertility. Even if you do things imperfectly.

Or keep reading for our individual health journeys 👇

Can we be real with you for a second? 

Here’s how we each went from STRUGGLING with our periods and fertility, to healthy, happy coaches devoted to hormone health and cyclical living.

Meet Alaina

I didn’t get my period until I was 16 and spent most of my teens worrying I was behind. When it did arrive, it was super irregular and long. And very badly timed because I just got my first long-term boyfriend 🙄 (thanks, body).

I continued to get checked out, got diagnosed with PCOS, and was prescribed hormonal birth control to help suppress the symptoms and get rid of the cysts on my ovaries. I felt let down by my body and went onto hormonal birth control, feeling defeated.  And I stayed on it for about 10 years, until right after I got married.

The birth control had been acting as a band-aid for the hormonal issues I was dealing with throughout my cycle. And the thing is, I didn’t have any issues with birth control while I was on it… 


Meet Carly

I went on the pill back when I was 15 or 16 because I had a boyfriend and my mom was a little nervous about me getting pregnant. It felt like a safe choice ‘cause everyone I knew was on hormonal birth control too. I was fine for a while. But when I went to college, I started experiencing all these symptoms that were weird for a healthy athlete. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, mood swings, low libido, vaginal dryness, and irritability. I was content with my life but I’d even cry at commercials because they had a dog in - which seems crazy but I was just so emotional, all the time.

At the time, I had NO idea this was related to my birth control. But when I decided to come off it after 10 years, I went cold turkey and it wreaked havoc on my body. I started experiencing PBCS (Post Birth Control Syndrome). My estrogen levels were alarmingly low, and I wasn’t ovulating or producing progesterone either. I felt like crap. I felt like I was going through menopause...


Meet Julie

When I first got my period, I honestly had no idea what was going on. Even though I’d seen Alaina and Carly go through it before me. I think the older generation had this view that you could get pregnant any day of the month (spoiler alert: not true), so as soon as I was in my first real relationship, I was encouraged to get on birth control to stay safe. So I did. I was on it for 12 months and let me tell you, I did not feel like myself. At all. I felt off. And I was in a weird headspace. I remember bringing it up to my gyno and getting the dose reduced. But I still felt weird so decided to ditch birth control altogether. That’s when I experienced my first real period and realized I had no idea what a period really was. I knew that one minute I was bleeding and the next I wasn’t. But I had no idea there were different phases of your cycles, different ups and downs, energy shifts… I felt clueless.

I was also kinda afraid of tampons so I rocked pads for a while! It feels weird that for the longest time I just had no idea about my own body and my own cycle.  Throughout college, I was lucky and didn’t really experience any crazy PMS symptoms or cramps. But after college, work stress and real life hit and caused all kinds of symptoms - I was dealing with PMS, cramps and bloating regularly and it threw me off...





Hormonal is not a dirty word. We're claiming it back for women everywhere.

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