The 'Follow Through' 6-Week Workout & Wellness Program at your finger tips!

The Balanced Beyars Health Coaches teamed up with Equinox Trainer, Shannon Fay, to give you the ultimate holistic fitness & wellness experience. 

We provide you 6 workouts, 4 healthy recipes & 1 health coaching lesson per week of the program (total of 6 weeks) 

You'll leave feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident in your daily decisions about your life. 


The Follow Through 6-Week Program includes...

6-week Workout Plan, 36 workouts total (for all levels)

including a planned out schedule and 6-workouts per week curated by Equinox Trainer, Shannon Fay 

6-weeks of Healthy Recipes

with 4 never-before-seen delicious and practical Balanced Beyars Health recipes to try for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each week..


6-Mini Health Coaching Lessons

covering topics like meal prepping, shopping organic, eating seasonally, stress & anxiety, label reading and so much more.

Ongoing Support & Exclusive Group

receive 24/7 fitness and wellness coaching, life-changing tricks, tips and guidance from Balanced Beyars Health Coaches & Trainer Shannon Fay within our private FB group!

Join us and over 50+ people!



  • 6-weeks of workouts
  • 6-weeks of recipes
  • 6-weeks of health lessons



  • 6-weeks of workouts
  • 6-weeks of recipes
  • 6-weeks of health lessons

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